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About the Academy
The Luventicus Academy is a society of scholars who study the fundamentals and philosophy of sciences. Our activities are of theoretical interest only, not technical nor practical.
Though the Academy is a non-hierarchical society —which seems like ancient Greek schools and the original universitas—, we call "scholar" to any of its members and "academicians" only to permanent members (fellows of The Luventicus Society).
A central activity of the scholars is to communicate their information and ideas in the shape of lectures of interest for certain audience, or classes given as part of a teaching programme. As a consequence, it has become a rule that we pay attention to methodological and pedagogical aspects in our talks and writings.
Transcriptions of these lectures and records of the discussions held at our meetings have been available for pupils and people close to the Academy for many years. However, the significant growth of our archives and contacts in several countries led us to explore new ways of collecting documents and sharing knowledge.
Our current project includes the creation of: (1) a journal called Transactions of the Luventicus Academy, intended for to widely disseminate the academicians' work; (2) a journal called The Luventicus Academy Reports, planned for to publish the work of researchers, professors and students from around the world; (3) a serial called Archive of The Luventicus Academy, intended for to publish selected articles from our archive; (4) a database of notes on the fundamentals, philosophy, and history of sciences; (5) a gallery of artwork related to sciences; (6) a forum to treat certain subjects and to suggest topics for further discussion; (7) a magazine with interviews, biographycal sketchs, and comments on books and other publications; (8) a list of brief descriptions of booklets, theses, books, and treatises; (9) a distinction for the best methodological proposals; and (10) a site to integrate these tools with links to other ones of possible interest for our visitors.
We hope this site will be a nexus between research institutes and that people, like virtual peripatetic scholars, will come to visit the Academy.
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