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Philosophy & Humanities, J.J. Luetich (Transactions - Suppl. 1 - Vol. I)

Transactions of The Luventicus Academy (ISSN 1666-7581)
Supplement dedicated to the dissemination of the works of Juan José Luetich
Volume I: Philosophy & Humanities
Issue 1: Ontology and Dialectics
Issue 2: To be and to belong
Issue 3: Gnoselogy
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About this volume
Parménides, busto de Velia
  This volume is dedicated to philosophy and humanities.
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The Luventicus Academy
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ISSN 1666-7573 (printed version)
ISSN 1666-7581 (online version)
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Juan José Luetich
Germán Schultze
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About Luventicus

The Luventicus Academy is an NGO located in Rosario (Argentine Republic), dedicated to the advancement of information, education, science and culture.
About Transactions
Transactions is a serial publication about the foundations and philosophy of science of The Luventicus Academy.
About this supplement

This supplement is dedicated to rescuing the works of Juan José Luetich, which were almost lost in late 2010. The supplement consists of three volumes —each one with about 100 issues—, dedicated to: I. Philosophy & Humanities, II. Mathematics & Science, y III. Art & Religion. This vast volume of work has only one objective: to explain everything with clarity so that everyone understands.

About the author
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Juan José Luetich

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